Natural Greatness dry food has the optimal level of protein. Our products contain meat protein of high biological value, so it is a protein that the dog’s metabolism accepts without any problem, an easy to digest natural protein. It is highly recommended that the protein comes from animal origin and not from cereals (even in lower quantities) due to pet food with protein of cereal origin can damage the kidneys health. Kidneys can produce excess of nitrogen and damage other tissues.

No, the sodium levels of the food are obtained from meat, and are necessary for the proper development of dogs and cats’ body. High levels of sodium can cause hypertension, but low levels can also lead to nervous, muscular problems, etc…

Hypoallergenic recipe. Prefix hypo- (of smaller capacity). Hypoallergenic recipes are those that, due to their ingredients, have a lower capacity to produce allergies. Provide the dog with a nutritionally balanced hypoallergenic diet with a limited number of ingredients and selected type of protein.

Analergenic diets are those that instead of limiting the number of ingredients, and choosing a type of protein, a new technology has been used to reduce the size of the proteins (<12000 daltons) thus decreasing their allergenic capacity. Many veterinary reports recommend this type of “analergenic” diets, in which there are recognized brands that uses “hydrolyzed feather proteins”, only in cases where there is a special difficulty in managing food allergies. That is, extreme cases of allergies to a high number of different proteins.

Since these diets are considered of veterinary prescription, it is very important that during the feeding period with this specific diet, the dog does not eat any other food, treats or drugs with food components such as flavorings…

Therefore, as a conclusion, we point out that NATURAL Greatness hypoallergenic recipes are the most natural option to control (and avoid) your dog’s “controlled” allergies. All our hypoallergenic recipes use ingredients of low allergenic capacity and high nutritional value.

From Natural Greatness we have tried to set the price to the maximum quality and be able to offer products with the best price-quality ratio, using only highest quality ingredients.
If you feed your pet with Natural Greatness you will notice that the recommended daily amount is less than other cheaper brands. This is because in Natural Greatness we do not use filling ingredients, each of the ingredients we use have been chosen for their health benefits for your dog or cat. So, a bag of Natural Greatness will last longer than a bag of another brand.
On the other hand, feeding your dog or cat with Natural Greatness will avoid many visits to the veterinarian as a result of a lower quality diet.

No. Natural Greatness uses only natural preservatives, including rosemary, vitamins C and E (tocopherol of natural origin)

Nutrition plays a key role in the growth and proper development of your puppy. Through the diet, the dog or cat has to get everything their body needs: from the energy needed to develop daily activities to the incredible variety of nutrients that help forming all tissues and keeping all cellular processes in an optimal way, all this must be provided by the diet. An inadequate quantity of any nutrient can quickly cause disorders and, if we introduce an inappropriate nutrient into the diet, it probably causes health problems. Therefore, from weaning to old age, diet is the most important factor that will determine the quality and duration of your pet’s life.

All Natural Greatness recipes are made with natural ingredients of the highest quality and digestibility, for this reason any NATURAL Greatness recipe helps your pet to have healthy skin, shiny hair and greater vitality.

The best choice for a dog with allergies is to give one of our hypoallergenic and single protein “Sensitive” recipes.

– Sensitive Lamb Recipe: Formulated with lamb as the only meat source, without cereals and with high digestibility. Suitable for all ages and breeds.

– Sensitive Salmon Recipe: Formulated with Salmon as the only source of meat / fish, without cereals, best for dogs with skin problems, hair or digestive problems. Suitable for adult dogs of medium or large breeds.

– Sensitive Mini Salmon Recipe: Formulated with Salmon as the only source of meat / fish, without cereals, best for dogs with skin problems, hair or digestive problems. Suitable for adult dogs of mini or medium breeds.

– Rabbit Recipe: Formulated with rabbit meat as the only meat source, without cereals, with high palatability and digestibility, indicated for adult dogs with allergies to other types of meat or fish, and/or with overweight or with a tendency to overweight.

If your dog or cat is allergic to chicken, you can use one of our recipes called “sensitive” these recipes are single protein. Even if our recipes include chicken oil, this ingredient does not contain any traces of protein, only fat, and therefore, will not cause any allergy since the allergies are to proteins. The reason we include chicken oil is because chicken oil is rich in linoleic acid, an essential acid that the body cannot create and we have to include it in the diet.

The change in color is due to the fact that in Natural Greatness we do not use artificial colors in our foods that standardize all the products.

The color of the food can vary depending on the time of the year, or on the ingredients used, for example, in our wet food made of deer (wild animal) the color of the meat can vary from one piece to another, so the products made with this meat may have variations in color.

Not all pet food is the same, nor is all the food that humans eat the same. We can decide our diet, decide whether a healthier or less healthy diet, but not our pets. We are responsible for their food, because of this and because we love them, we must look for the best food for them. Natural Greatness is an excellent food, thanks to the combination and quality of its ingredients. We are convinced that if your pet could choose, it would choose Natural Greatness.

No, Natural Greatness uses non-transgenic natural products (GMO products). In pet foods it is allowed to use these ingredients and many American brands do, but we prefer not to use them.

Yes, we incorporate natural prebiotics FOS and MOS, which maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, stimulate the immune system and strengthen natural defenses.