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Gastrointestinal Diet for junior and adult dogs

Natural Greatness Gastrointestinal is a complete hypoallergenic and grain-free wet food formulated for all breeds of junior and adult dogs with acute or chronic diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastroenteritis, poor digestion, colitis, or anorexia. For acute intestinal absorption disorders, it is recommended to use this diet for one to two weeks. For chronic digestive diseases, lifelong dietary nutrition is required.

Natural Greatness Gastrointestinal es un alimento húmedo completo hipoalergénico y sin cereales formulado  para perros júnior y perros adultos de todas las razas con diarrea aguda o crónica, enfermedad inflamatoria  intestinal (EII), gastroenteritis, casos de mala digestión, colitis o anorexia. Para trastornos de absorción intestinal  agudos, se recomienda emplear este alimento de 1 a 2 semanas. En patologías digestivas crónicas, se requiere  una nutrición dietética de por vida.


Balanced digestion

Turkey (Meat, Heart and Liver) (50%), Broth, Pumpkin (10%), Salmon oil (0,5%), Minerals
(1%), MOS (0,2%), Healing earth (0,1%).



Turkey: Rich in high biological value proteins.
Pumpkin: Rich in soluble fibres with a prebiotic effect.
Salmon oil: Reduces intestinal inflammation.
MOS: Prevents pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the intestinal tract.
Healing earth (Medicinal clay): Intestinal detoxification and digestion support.