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Weight Control Diet for junior and adult dogs

Natural Greatness Weight Control is a complete hypoallergenic grain-free wet food formulated for all breeds of junior and adult dogs that are overweight or obese or suffering from diabetes mellitus, colitis, constipation, or hyperlipidemia associated with being overweight. This food is not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs or for puppies. This food can be used until the animal reaches its ideal weight. For dogs with diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to use this diet for up to six months. After this period an assessment should be completed before making a decision about prolonging the diet if necessary.


Reduction of excess weight

Chicken (Stomach, Meat, Heart, and Neck) (40%), Turkey (Heart and Liver) (28%), Broth, Cellulose
(3%), Minerals (1%), Salmon oil (0,2%), Glucosamine (0,09%), Chondroitin sulfate (0,03%).



Chicken and Turkey Meat: Rich in high biological value proteins and low in saturated fats.
Cellulose: Stimulates the growth of bacteria that is beneficial for intestinal flora.
Salmon oil: Reduces intestinal inflammation.
Glucosamine: Prevents joint wear, has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective against joint pain.
Chondroitin Sulfate: Helps to regenerate cartilage, provides joint elasticity and resistance.