THE ANCESTRAL DIETS OF WOLVES AND LYNXES now available for your pet.

Natural Greatness offers you a natural food, without artificial additives and with carefully selected high-quality ingredients to feed all types of dogs and cats.

Natural food with fresh and functional ingredients directly extracted from nature.

We use top-quality meats and fish as the main ingredient in our diets.

Recipes without cereals, without lactose, without gluten, without preservatives, without artificial  rand sor flavors.

We select the best hypoallergenic ingredients to prevent the possible development of allergies or intolerances.


Recipes inspired by nature

NATURAL Greatness is much more  than a dogs and cats’ brand food; it is a way of understanding nutrition from a natural perspective.

Our love for animals led us to explore the dietary habits of wolves and lynxes, direct ancestors of dogs and cats, with the aim of incorporating their diets into our recipes, ensuring a 100% natural nutrition.

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